TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (05/4/18-05/11/18)

Kubernetes and Microservices, a movement?

In this week’s TL;DR post, we first have a post from Venture Beat showcasing KubeCon last week in Europe, and how Kubernetes and microservices are a developers’ movement to make the web faster, stable, and more open.

IBM Cloud Platform and how Kubernetes fits in

Additionally, from KubeCon we have a video interview with eWEEK at the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 event here, Jason McGee, vice president and CTO of IBM Cloud Platform, detailed the modern reality of multi-cloud and how Kubernetes fits in. “Multi-cloud is real and it’s here today, from the standpoint that most large organizations already have multiple cloud destinations that they are using,” McGee said.

Google announces Stackdriver

Google announced the beta release of Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring for aggregating logs event data and other metrics from Kubernetes environments. Developers and operations teams can use the data to understand—in near real time—how an application is performing in production and to quickly identify issues that might impact performance.

Get started with Docker volumes

Here is a Docker tutorial: Get started with Docker volumes. Learn the ins, outs, and limits of Docker’s native technology for integrating containers with local file systems.

Freedom from Vendor Lock-in

Docker posted an interesting article about freedom from lock-in with Docker Enterprise edition.  It showcases the features that Docker EE has to keep IT leaders ship from going down a single dead-end path they will have to abandon in less than two years. One very interesting topic covered in the post is about server OS distribution, shown in a chart in the posting. It shows the most popular server OSs used in production today.

CNCF release a new Specification for Serverless Platforms

This week the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) wants to foster greater interoperability between serverless platforms, through its release of the CloudEvents specification. The project is at version 0.1 iteration, and hopes that it will be approved as a CNCF sandbox project in June.

Postings from the Red Hat Summit

This week was 2018 Red Hat Summit event in San Francisco, and Red Hat revealed its future roadmap for CoreOS integration and details new partner efforts with IBM and MIcrosoft. Additionally, Red Hat wants to Help Introduce OpenShift to Operators, the other part of DevOps.



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