TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (05/11/18-05/18/18)

Azure IoT Edge

In this week’s TL;DR post, Microsoft has created a managed service, called Azure IoT Edge, to put analytics and intelligence on those devices using containers.Think of it as a way to move cloud workloads like analytics, machine learning, SQL Server databases and even serverless functions onto devices that are centrally deployed and managed, even if they’re only occasionally connected.

IBM Cloud Platform and how Kubernetes fits in

Containers promised the ability to move applications between different environments. The realities of varying configurations across clouds, especially for stateful applications, has slowed the uptake of Kubernetes as a platform for application deployment. This may not hold true much longer based on both data from a survey of 380 Kubernetes users and the buzz coming from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2018.

Asteroid, Wearable OS

Just for fun and it is cool here is Asteroid, a Linux-based open-source wearable OS, formally reached a big milestone this week, and it might give Tizen a run for Samsung’s money.

Hard Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes

Our good friend Jessie Frazelle has a post on her blog about a deployment model she calls “hard multi tenancy”, which implies that the tenants in this deployment do not trust each other.



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