InfoSiftr at KubeCon 2018

We had a great time at KubeCon last week and enjoyed meeting over 450 people there and talking about cloud native computing.

There was a lot of interest in our Kubernetes Cluster running on Raspberry Pi 3s, showcasing our Arm build service we are offering, developed by Tianon Gravi and Noah Abrahams.

We also wanted to share the GitHub repo for our Arm demo application, at this other blog post about recreating the Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster available for anyone who’d like to recreate what we did on the show floor.


Now the important news, who won a Pi 3!

We are currently contacting the winners of the Pi 3 to confirm their shipping address. So, if you see we called or sent you an email, please follow up to check and see if you won, but we have a few winners at the show, and here they are:

Marouane Balmakhtar of Sprint


John Behlen of Apple


What we Saw at KubeCon 2018

We get this is near the holidays and nobody wants to read a long blog about the things we saw at KubeCon, so we decided to just post some pictures of things we saw at KubeCon.


Look who stopped by our booth, is that Kelsey Hightower arguing with our Noah?



Yes, the show was busy, with over 7500 attendees.


Some people just gave up on day 3. Can’t say we blame them.


Lots of places to hang around, here is tiger hangout of Google Cloud Lounge. What will marketing think of next? Thanks Tigera.



File this under the WTF category, why is Home Depot at KubeCon??? Recruitment anyone?



Wow IBM got people to stop and talk to them by putting up a picture of Peter Parker. Wonder never ceases.



Here are our friends at Black Duck. Nice pose Tim.



Packet guys trying to figure out who won their Pi’s.



Look who showed up all sneaky like. Nice pull-up signs bros. One of the richest companies in the world and this is how you come to the show. Cool cups though.


Our friends at Arm.


Docker, Docker, Docker! See you guys next year at DockerCon 2019 in SF.


And last, did Noah find his “A” pin to complete his name? NOPE! Really Red Hat you let us down.


The walk to the show in the morning.


Walk from the show at night. Wait, I am getting a pattern here in Seattle, no sunshine.


Will that is it, see you next year.



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