Devgistics’ Tianon Gravi appointed as new Harbor maintainer

The Harbor project has a team of core maintainers who are responsible for providing technical oversight for the Harbor project, including final review and merging of patches into the Harbor code base. As the Harbor project continues to grow, the core maintainer team also needs to grow by adding contributors who are already demonstrating technical skill and leadership within the project. The Harbor project is pleased to announce that they are adding Tianon Gravi of InfoSiftr/Devgistics to the core maintainer team!

Tianon has been a significant presence in the Harbor community over the last two years, attending the community meetings, providing support for other users and developers in the Slack channels, and adding feedback on many official enhancement proposals (especially from his perspective as a maintainer in the OCI). His code contributions have included typo, code, and UX quality fixes. Outside of the Harbor ecosystem, he’s been involved in many free and open source initiatives, including being a Moby (Docker Engine) maintainer for many years, helping create and maintain the Docker Official Images program, serving on the OCI’s TDC, being a security advisor to the containerd project, and contributing to Debian as a Debian Developer. He is based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, and is a member of the InfoSiftr/Devgistics team.


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