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Container Integration

De-risk “digital transformation” with the help of our experts

Let’s do this the easy way

The beauty of containers is just about anyone can “do” them. Anyone can download the open source tooling, read the documentation, and start developing their own containerized workloads.

Running in production is more complicated, however. It involves the complex orchestration of multiple services, interacting at scale with users worldwide. You have to consider your infrastructure, your runtime environments, your orchestration, even the architecture of your applications themselves.

InfoSiftr makes it easy. We’ve helped thousands of people better understand and implement containers in production. Our engineers will help de-risk your transformation with professional implementation, project oversight, and ongoing consultation.



Leverage containers to develop applications faster, with greater feature velocity than ever before. You provide the code, we’ll determine the best delivery methods, depending on your business requirements. We can recommend the appropriate infrastructure, runtime environments, or platforms to execute your applications along with the necessary tooling to support your DevOps.


A collaborative working relationship between Development, Testing, and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work. Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) strives to get from concept to production and therefore touches every department in the organization. InfoSiftr will help your organization understand the people and process elements necessary to make CI/CD work.


Break complex, monolithic applications into small, independent processes that communicate with each other to perform workloads. Microservices architecture results in improved performance, resiliency, and scalability. Leveraging this concept, teams can focus more on building productive solutions, rather than spending their time in figuring out how to integrate code into the monolithic stack.


Migrate data and platforms to a public or private cloud and deliver those platforms in a scalable, resilient, and secure manner, while improving the bottom line.


Orchestration tools impact your development, deployment, and management. We’ll help you pick the right ones for your goals and environment.


How you deliver your application stack will change as your business grows and matures. InfoSiftr can help you develop and optimize a plan for deploying your application to users.

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