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Docker Training

Learn about the flagship container technology,
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Docker Fundamentals

The Basics

2 Day Training

This introductory course gives your team the best foundation for enterprise grade Docker use-cases.


Ensure your team learns Docker the right way with official Docker training.

In this course students will get the foundational concepts and practices of containerization on a single Docker node, then learn the foundations of orchestration across multiple nodes in a swarm.

Day One

  • The Docker Story
  • Introduction to Images
  • Creating Images
  • Managing Images
  • Docker Continous Integration
  • Volumes

Day Two

  • Docker Networking Basics
  • Compose
  • Scaling out with Swarm Mode
  • Swarm Operations
  • Managing Secrets

Course Objectives

  • Understand what Docker is and how Docker can modernize the software supply-chain
  • Conceptualize a mental model for Docker workflow
  • Understand the foundations of Docker security and apply secrets management
  • Apply a basic continuous integration model for Docker
  • Understand the usage of volumes
  • Apply concepts of the Docker networking model
  • Write stack-based compose files
  • Understand the foundations of containerization on a single Docker node
  • Ability to Dockerize and application by writing Dockerfiles
  • Create and manage images
  • Understand how Swarm works
  • Deploy a swarm application and scale it out
  • Apply common Swarm operations
  • Create, manage, and update Docker secrets

Docker Enterprise Operations

The Basics

2 Day Training

This course is the second level of Docker’s core curriculum for the enterprise and is focused on the Docker Operator role in administration of Docker Enterprise Edition Advanced.


This role-based course is for the Docker Operations teams to accelerate their enterprise Docker journey and is the follow-on to our Fundamentals course.


  • Welcome and Intro
  • Installing UCP
  • UCP Architecture
  • Introduction to Docker Datacenter
  • Docker Engine Swarm mode
  • Deploying services in UCP
  • UCP Networking and load balancing
  • Deploying applications across multiple nodes
  • Backwards compatibility with classic Swarm
  • UCP User Management
  • UCP role based access control
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Installing Docker Trusted Registry
  • DTR Overview
  • Creating public and private DTR repositories
  • DTR access control
  • Content Trust and Imaging Signing with Notary
  • Designing a DDC Deployment
  • Closing notes, further information and discussion

Course Objectives

  • Understand common Architecture decision points and their impacts to operations
  • Install Docker Datacenter with UCP and DTR with High Availability and Replicas
  • Deploy services in UCP
  • Deploy a multi-node application
  • Setup and manage role based access control
  • Manage DTR by creating public and private repositories
  • Apply Content Trust and image signing with Notary
  • Perform basic monitorring, logging and healthchecks to the cluster

Docker Security

The Basics

1 Day Training

This is the Docker Security course for your entire organization. Get everyone “on-the-same page” and working together to secure your Dockerized environment.


This hands-on workshop style course will give your team an overview of important security features and best practices to protect your containerized services. Designed to be inclusive of multiple roles to align the entire organization, this course is appropriate for all teams who are hands-on with Docker whether Developer, Operations, DevOps, or Architect.


  • Overview of Docker Security
  • Isolation: Kernel Namespaces and Control Groups
  • User Management
  • Intra-Platform Communication
  • Networks
  • Image Construction and Scanning
  • Content Trust
  • Capabilities
  • Seccomp
  • Linux Security Modules
  • Summary

Course Objectives

  • Understand the security features of the Docker platform
  • Discuss issues to consider when implementing Docker Security
  • Deploy with add-on Docker security features and tools
  • Apply current best practices to make your Docker content secure
  • Implement secure user management and access
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InfoSiftr is a member of the Open Container Initiative (OCI), a Linux Foundation group defining container standards. Our SVP, Tianon Gravi, is part of their Technical Developers Community.

Members & Contributors

InfoSiftr is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a Linux Foundation group defining container standards. Our engineers contribute to their runC and containerd projects.

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InfoSiftr is a Docker Premier Partner and Authorized Training Partner. Our team includes Docker maintainers & a Docker Core Maintainer (one of five in the world outside Docker, Inc.)

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