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Organizations today are scaling up their deployment of container applications that must have a support contract and be behind the corporate firewall in order to meet extremely important compliance requirements. Our offering resolves all of these critical requirements.

Current registry solutions have not kept up with the needed full feature set that is required by the market. Most, if not all, current registry offerings focus on just being a limited retention or place holder for container images, providing nothing on the key elements of delivery and meeting the demands of modern software deployment models. The current offering ignores such critical elements as multi architecture/platform, with limited solutions toward the hybrid cloud marketplace.

Current solutions fail to address critical storage requirements, nor do they address replication or federation issues. They have no solutions to deal with air gapped environments or address the need for distribution to remote or edge users.

Many organizations are becoming software factories, utilizing DevOps and (CICD) methodologies to build their code, but are at risk when deploying their code due to an underserved market of container registry offerings, but the most important issue is that the main open source container registry project “Harbor” has most of its contributing developers from mainland China, so given that the registry is the system that holds, controls, and deploys the software and IP, this should be of major concern.

InfoSiftr offers a complete solution set necessary for a modern registry development that integrates seamlessly to critical systems that can be easily deployed in a Hybrid Cloud environment across multi-platform environments. Additionally, it has key features, such as node federation, parallel storage, deployment in air gapped systems, software and hardware appliance offerings, with an integrated block chain audit log, and incorporates a license engine to ensure compliance with open-source software.

InfoSiftr’s registry can be offered as a hardware appliance, using parallel storage systems for high availability that allows a greater accessibility for software deployments at scale, providing self-replication for disaster recovery needs while allowing the system to have more survivability in an adverse environments, such as those found at the edge, and maintain operational status, while remaining self-contained, allowing an easier and a more reliable deployment. InfoSiftr’s registry provides a Software Release Platform (SRP), offering a multi-cloud deployment model, providing full elasticity of cost options to achieve objectives.

Most deployments of applications to either multi-cloud, IoT, Edge, or other computer systems normally require individuals to be on site for software deployment. This of course is a waste of time, and given the current environment, can place personnel and or teams at exposure to risk. InfoSiftr’s registry allows deployment of these applications using DevOps principles, allowing software distributions to be completed remotely and automated without dispatching personnel to potentially threatening locations. The Registry solution can allow the Customers to develop its own Software Release Platform (SRP), that will enable these remote deployments, that maximize personal effectiveness and greatly reduce their exposure.

InfoSiftr addresses the needs of modern software deployment by providing its solutions as a software appliance that has a full feature set that drives more functionality and improves performance, has full Integration with key systems, improves efficiencies in workflows while providing greater security throughout the pipeline.

It offers a reliable way to deploy to hybrid cloud environments providing a more effective use of developers’ time. InfoSiftr’s solutions support X86, Arm, MIPS, Etc. & Windows/Linux OS, provides superior flexibility serving both legacy, and current technologies while continuing to address future development.

InfoSiftr’s registry can be offered as a hardware appliance, using parallel storage systems for high availability, that offers a greater availability for software deployments to war fighters in missions at scale, provides self-replication for disaster recovery needs that allows the system to have more survivability in an adverse environment and maintain operational status, while remaining self-contained, allowing easier and a more reliable deployment.

The registry can provide an application deployment network that has a multi-cloud deployment, that provides full elasticity of cost options to achieve critical objectives. The hosted or integration with on-prem registries, allows multi deployment capabilities to deal with legacy, current and future application needs, while remaining available for deployment to air gapped systems. This allows use with real hardened security requirements and the solution provides a full deployment path to all options including the edge and beyond with federation providing a global reach to deploy applications when and where they are needed the most.

InfoSiftr’s continued development of key features around the storage layer to solve issues with federation of nodes and self-replication, while also addressing unique issues around support and deployment of container images at scale. The advantage we gain with solving the storage issues through the development of a Software Release Platform (SRP) while offering a feature rich registry solution allows organizations the ability to distribute software in multi-cloud, IoT, and edge environments, again maximizing effectiveness while minimizing their exposure to risk.

Our Container Registry Software solution enables it to work on deployments that are less than optimal for both military and other enterprise clients.

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